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The IOSSPL Project proposes to develop a complete web-based, standards-compliant, open-source library software system which will become available to be implemented in all the public libraries in Romania in the long run.

The IOSSPL Project comes as complementary to “The National Program for the Automation and Development of Public Libraries Services in Romania“

The IOSSPL system will be first implemented in 5 Pilot-Libraries in Romania. The Installation Kit, the Technical Documentation and the User Guide will be made available to the Ministry of Cultures and Religious Affairs, in order to be further offered free of charge to all the interested libraries in Romania.

The IOSSPL Project will also ensure the technical formation of the representatives of the Public Libraries in Romania (200 librarians and 40 metodists from the public libraries system will be trained for the PC utilization, and further in the field of Bibliologic Information Technology and applications).

The project is planned to be continued on a Europe-wide scale, in collaboration with ELAG (European Library Automation Group), CONTACT NET providing the software, implementation services, localization and customization.


In October 2003, the IOSSPL project worked out by CONTACT NET (Romania) gained an international projects contest launched by the Italian government - the Ministry of Productive Activities, under the framework of the Italian Law 212/1992.

The official launching of the IOSSPL project was announced on June 1st, 2004.

The Ministry of Productive Activities, by the General Direction for the Promotion of Exchanges – Division IV – ROMA, approved, by the Decree of the Ministry of Productive Activities issued on 29/12/2004, the IOSSPL Project (cod 212/03/ROM15) to be financially sustained under the Law 212/92 D.M. n. 171 from 19/04/2001, by 50% co-funding.

CONTACT NET involvement:
- project preparation for the auction
- project coordination for 2 years timeframe

The Italian partner is PROGETTO SOFTWARE (Ragusa, Italy).

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